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municipal and industrial ​Fluid handling and drive specialists
Hydromatic Submersible Pumps

Patterson Flo-Pak Package Pump Station

LobePro SM34 Rotary Lobe Pumps

LobePro M34 Rotary Lobe Pumps
Pioneer Pump Systems Custom Control Panel

Custom Disconnect Enclosure

Patterson 48 AFV in CSO Application; 60,000 GPM

Hydromatic S8L Submersible Pumps

Patterson 48SAF in CSO Application; 74,000 GPM

Toshiba P9 VFD Upgrade

Patterson Flo-Pak Engineered System
Patterson 30x24 MAA Split Case Pump
Toshiba P9 adjustable speed drives
Pioneer Pump Systems Custom Control Panel
Patterson CSO Pumps; 86.4 MGD each

Custom Pump Control Panel

Patterson 30x24 MAA-D Split Case; 16,500 GPM (2016)